BCAA Dosage: How Much BCAA In A Day

If you’re trying to increase your muscle strength, then you may be wondering how much BCAA you should take per day. For a lot of people, the question, how much BCAAs a person should take each day is a difficult one. The majority of the people in the fitness industry have their own opinion and … Read more

Do BCAAs Work? Does BCAA Make You Retain Water?

Do bcaa supplements work

BCAA supplements are a type of health supplement that helps in muscle recovery. One of the most contested points of bcaa supplements is whether or not they actually work. Do BCAAs work? Yes. They help you in fighting muscle soreness, build lean muscle mass, boost muscle protein synthesis, and improve muscle recovery. What is BCAA? … Read more

What Do BCAAs Do For You?

Use of BCAA Supplements

What is BCAA? Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids which are building blocks of protein. Our body requires a total of 20 amino acids, out of which 9 are the essential ones. Essential Amino Acids are the ones that are not produced naturally by the body and we … Read more

Glutamine vs BCAA: Which is better?

Glutamine vs BCAA! Yes, this article is dedicated to cover the differences between these essential supplements. Both Glutamine and BCAA work as an add-on in the diets of bodybuilders. And it is very beneficial if you include these in your diet along with whey protein. That way, you can enjoy your muscle-building journey with better … Read more