Sex for pregnancy after periods: Pregnancy tips

Hii aspiring mothers and my fellow readers to know more about sex for pregnancy after periods. All the best for your future efforts, may you get successful in your attemts. Happy reading!

Sex, as we all know, they are primarily of two types- for pleasure and for pregnancy. We are going to talk about sex for pregnancy after periods in this very article.

Sex for Pregnancy after periods or before

In this case, it’s serious, it’s not just fun and all. When you are trying your best to have a baby, you need to get everything right to the best of your abilities. This will increase the chances of your conception.

Again, there is nothing perfect, there is no 100% chance for anything that it will work. Then also, some alterations here and there in the timing of your pleasures, in the frequency of lovemaking will help you improve your chances of success.

Best time to get Pregnant?

The best time to get pregnant is when you are at your most fertile point. The most fertile point is generally present in the fertile window in the whole of your menstrual cycle. 

Most women have their best conception probabilities in the period of two days before you have ovulation or on the day of your ovulation. 

This is commonly called the fertile window,i.e., on an average five days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. 

Lovemaking and having sexual pleasures on these days improves your chances of getting pregnant and having a baby.

The reason behind this is that during ovulation, the ovaries release a mature egg. That mature egg will go in the fallopian tubes ending its journey in the uterus.

During the course of this route, the sperm will very probably meet and hence, will fertilize your egg. The average life of sperm is around five days. During the whole journey of conception, the target is to make the live sperm meet in the fallopian tubes during the ovulation period.

sex for pregnany

How to know the Ovulation period?

The natural way to calculate the ovulation period is to keep counting your cycle days. A menstrual cycle begins on the first initial day of your period and ends one day before the starting of the next period.

Keep a check on the middle of your menstrual cycle. Like for instance, if you have a 28- day cycle, the ovulation will probably occur around day 14 and 15.

Ovulation Signs and Symptoms

Some of the common signs and symptoms that indicate ovulation:

Increase in Basal Body Temperature(BBT): The resting temperature of your body will have small jumps in temperature after you go through ovulation. You can use the Basal body temperature thermometer to regularly measure your BBT prior to you waking up in the morning.

Vaginal Discharge Variations: The mucus turns into a clear and thick version upon ovulation. This change in mucus depicts the firmness of the egg white.

Disclaimer: These signs can only indicate that you did go through the process of ovulation, these cannot tell about the ovulation time. Although after tracking your cycles multiple times, you will have a grasp of your ovulation times 

Drugstores, nowadays, have many over-the-counter ovulation kits. These kits naturally analyze the change in your urine’s hormonal profile; these also tell when most likely you would be ovulating. Test kit instructions will tell you more about the kits.

Best sex positions for pregnancy(might be after periods) 

Whenever a male orgasm occurs, millions of sperms are released in each one; so there is a high possibility to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during the times of ovulation. You have a clear chance of conceiving if sperm enters the vagina.

To date, no certain intercourse positions prove to be better than certain others that might increase the chances of your conception; each has an optimal chance of making you pregnant. Yet, there are certain positions that well easy the sperms’ way up to the eggs more simply that might not be possible in some other positions. Positions such as missionary(the man on top) and doggy-style positions (the man is behind) allow for the sperms to get more exposed to the cervix. 

In positions like standing or the woman-on-top nature, gravity plays against the chances of your conception. Standing straight just after you are done with your sex will not affect much for your pregnancy. You know, the sperms are really good swimmers(even if you are not :); they can easily reach your cervix is just a matter of 10-15 minutes.

Though elevating your lower back with the help of a pillow will probably keep the sperms going in the right direction for enhanced pregnancy

sex for pregnancy after periods

How often should we have sex?

There are many myths and taboos that state having a high frequency of sexual intercourse directly affects sperm quality. But pieces of research say something different like sperms has a better quality after 2-3 days of abstinence. It also says like couples who indulge in sex every 1-2 day have a higher chance of conception.

Plus having the sensual acts once in a day or every second day in the period of your fertile window will drastically increase your odds of achieving pregnancy.

Trying to have sex more often is a practical approach and everything is right but don’t force it into a schedule. You shouldn’t feel it as monotonous or something as a part of an uninteresting schedule. It’s the most beautiful bliss; you and your partner should be very happy and comfortable doing this together.

Finally, there is no fixed number of times, it is just you, how much do you like, in how much you both are happy and comfortable. 

Applying lubricants can improve the chances of pregnancy?

Less than two-third proportion of women even use a single lubricant; though there are many myths around lubricants affecting sperm quality. Studies show that certain water-based lubricants such as Astroglide and K-Y Brand Jelly reduce sperm flow greatly by 60 percent to a total blockage of 100 percent.

Okay, wait. Don’t panic or throw the lube out of your house. No, wait. Instead, many couples stated they didn’t found any retardation in their sexual activities or fertility. Also, there is a belief since lubricant makes sex easier, so it makes you more comfortable increasing the frequency.

So if you are still doubting it might decrease pregnancy chances, you always have a choice to go for sperm-friendly brands such as Pre-Seed and others. 

Pregnancy Tips

As we all know, variations in sex positions aren’t the only thing you can do. We have got you covered :

Weight Control: Having a very high weight or being too skinny is often a disadvantage that affects fertility.

Excess Caffeine: Limit your caffeine consumption. Like if you consume more than 4-5 cups per day, caffeine has effects on fertility.

Smoking is bad: Smoking actually increases the risk of failed fertility or miscarriage.  It also reduces sperm motility.

Orgasm: For getting pregnant, it’s required for the man to ejaculate and send his sperms to the partner’s body. Though, women don’t actually need to get to climax for getting pregnant. Women’s moving orgasm enhances the conception chances by propelling the sperms to their end destination.

When should you see a doctor for pregnancy?

Well yes, a doctor or a fertility specialist is the last option you are left with if you are not able to conceive after a long time of trying.

The next question is when should you see a doctor? It’s all about the age game:

If you are:

  • younger than 35, you should keep trying more at least for an year before turning to a doctor.
  • above 35, then you should go see a doctor after trying at least for 6 months.

If you are facing some issues listed above, you should reach out to the fertility specialist sooner:

  • Endometriosis
  • A miscarriage history
  • Irregular or no periods
  • In the male, hernia surgery or some problem with testicles

Your doctor will deeply evaluate the woman’s health and medical history.

Many methods such as some insemination techniques, medications, or surgery, can help people suffering from fertility issues. 

Final Takeaway

Any unprotected sex will reap you pregnancy benefits. Though, encountering sex for pregnancy after periods or before; but at the right time and increasing its frequency will only increase your chances.

Many times, getting pregnant takes time, don’t pressurize yourself or put some on your partner; it’s natural. The time to get pregnant can vary from a few weeks to some months depending upon your age and physical health.

And if you have been doing it for a long time and still didn’t get the good baby bump, time to go consult a doctor.

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