How to increase sperm count naturally?

How to increase sperm count naturally? This is the question that brought you here right. You can be sure of having great improvements if you try the below-given things.

What is a Sperm Count?

Sperm count actually means the average quantity of sperm present in a single semen sample. Fertility specialists consider sperm count to be an important factor for fertility; also take a special assessment of sperm count while analyzing semen in a routine.

What is a healthy sperm count?

According to the World Health Organization guidelines, a healthy fertile person is one with a sperm count of 15 million per milliliter(ml) or having a minimum of 39 million sperms per ejaculation.

While the ones with sperm count lower than 15 million come in the low sperm count category; they may also face some fertility issues.

Also, experts believe that things that had a direct influence on testosterone levels greatly impact the quantity and quality of sperms. Medical conditions like infections, tumors, or inherited genetic disorders can also have an effect on sperm count. 

Though, if you follow a healthy lifestyle, you can improve your sperm-producing hormones with natural remedies. This will in turn improve the development of healthy sperm and effectively increasing the sperm count.

Now for this article, we are focusing on improving the diets, natural remedies, and medications that will help in improving the sperm count.

Natural Remedies to Improve Sperm Count

With the passing decades, research conveys that sperm quality and fertility rates are deteriorating; mostly in the Western nations. According to a recent study in 2017, the average sperm count in Australia, Europe, North America, and New Zealand dipped by 59.3% from 1973 to 2011. 

There is also been research going on how to reverse these low sperm count issues. Though studies have made it evident that there is a significant dip in sperm count, scientists still have a long way to go for finding the actual reasons behind this. 

How to increase sperm count naturally?

There are numerous remedies people have been using for improving their sperm count and health.  These remedies include ancient, traditional, and herbal medicines with some non-pharmacological remedies. And you might not believe it, but researchers also found these natural remedies more efficient in increasing sperm count.

Let’s talk about some effective natural ways to improve sperm count:

1. Quit Smoking

According to an analytical review of more than 20 studies comprising of 6,000 participants show that smoking has a drastic effect on sperm count.

This research shows that people who didn’t smoke tobacco had better quality sperm than the ones who do.

Stop smoking

2. Get Enough Vitamin D

Though researchers aren’t very strong with their findings, but they believe that blood levels of vitamin D and calcium impact sperm’s health.

Research has shown a symbolic link between high vitamin D levels and better fertility in men. This research took place in 2019 in which more than 18 studies were taken into consideration.   

But, medical practitioners still advise people to be cautious and take clinical tests before confirming the findings.

As is the case with vitamin D, calcium also has a critical role to play in impacting the sperm count.

Vitamin D

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3. Increase intake of Good Fat

Polyunsaturated fats have a very crucial role in improving sperm membrane development. Omega-3 and omega-6 are some of their constituents.

A review of studies in 2019 shows that the ones with infertility issues found an improvement in their concentration and sperm health when supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids; in comparison with the men who didn’t take any.

Omega 3

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4. Fulfill Folate and Zinc Needs

Talking about facts, intake of folate and zinc together can also help to improve the sperm quality; both in terms of concentration and count. Many studies also back this research. 

5. Consume Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of those natural remedies that people use to improve their sperm health. Many advocates advise that fenugreek helps improving sperm count.

According to a study in 2017, the compound, Furosap which still needs to be patented has shown great improvements in the quality of semen. Furosap has fenugreek seeds as its major ingredient, which have a positive impact on sperm count. 


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6. Two most underrated ethics: Sleep and Exercise

There is a whole bunch of studies that suggest that losing weight and regular exercise can improve sperm health. This is especially for the people who are overweight or suffering from obesity. Though there are still many “ifs and buts” but there is not so strong direct science that connects healthy body mass index(BMI) with a good sperm count. 

There was a study conducted over the period of 16 weeks in which participants were made to go through an aerobic exercise program. The participants were able to hit 50-65% of their peak heart rate through three sessions of 50 minutes every week.

Towards the end of the study, around 45 men who were obese, found an increase in their sperm count and motility.

Sleep and

7. Saying NO to Intoxication

Well, number of proofs or studies in this regard are limited. Why? Because tasting illicit substances or drugs might affect the health critically of the person. But there are some, which connects the sperm health and drug consumption.

One review in 2018 stated that intake of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol impacts the sperm health negatively. Though we don’t have much evidence on this, further research is needed to say anything about the link.

No marijuana alcohol

8. Certain Medications also Affect Sperm Health

There are certain prescription medications in the market that can actually drop your healthy sperm production. Generally, when the person stops the use of that medication, sperm count should increase or get back to normal.

Below is the list of the medication that might hamper your sperm production temporarily:

  • Opiates
  • Anti-androgens
  • Methadone
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Anabolic steroids, they can continue affecting sperm production even after a year you have stopped consuming them
  • Antipsychotics
  • Some antibiotics
  • Taking Exogenous or testosterone supplements 

The person should go for an immediate consultation with their doctor if they have any doubts regarding the medication. If you feel that the medications are affecting your sperm count or fertility, you should reach out to your doctor without any delay. 

How to improve sperm count naturally

9. Consuming More Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Antioxidants help in protecting our cells by deactivating compounds known as free radicals. Many vitamins and minerals have been linked with increasing sperm count; while actually working as an antioxidant according to research.

Taking insights from a 2019 review, these antioxidants essentially boost a good quality sperm count:

  • Lutein
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • Beta-cryptoxanthin

How to improve sperm count naturally

10. Limiting intake of Soy and Estrogen-rich Foods

Why? Because soy products contain plant estrogen. They have the ability to reduce bonding in testosterone and affect sperm production

There was a study conducted over 1,319 males in China, which showed that a high amount of plant estrogen in semen leads to decreased quality of sperm. 

Also, if you are consuming any canned products or foods covered in plastic; it can also lower your sperm quality due to the high estrogen content. From a 2019 review, the compound Bisphenol A links the body’s estrogen receptors and may negatively affect male fertility when exposed. 

How to improve sperm count naturally 

11. Consume Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha, more commonly known as Indian ginseng, is the next best thing for improving the sperm quality. 

Well, you might get shocked after reading this:

According to a study in 2013, 46 people with low sperm quality took 675 milligrams of ashwagandha and found an increase of 167% in their sperm count after 90 days.

It also has a great role to play in traditional medicines working as a sexual dysfunction remedy.


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12. Reduction in Consumption of Unhealthy Fats

According to a survey in 2014, the study has shown that increase in intake of trans fatty acids is in proportion to the decrease in their sperm count. This study took place over 209 healthy Spanish males falling in the age group of 18 to 23 years.

13.Stay Away From Contaminated Environments

If you are living in a high-pollution or congestion environment, you might be prone to facing sperm quality issues. The prominent environmental factors affecting are air quality and good exposure to toxic chemicals.

Talking about the scientific facts, one study in 2019 concluded that people who live in highly industrial areas have lower sperm counts.

Without a doubt, try avoiding environmental toxins as often as possible for better health.

Pollution free

14. Taking supplements high in D-aspartic acid 

Amino acids help a great deal in improving male fertility conditions, specifically D-aspartic acid(D-AA). It is a form of aspartic acid, but don’t confuse it with L-aspartic acid which is far more common than D-AA..

Why D-AA helps in improving sperm health? Because, D-AA is the main component present in glands like testicles, along with semen and sperm cells.

Also, researchers believe that D-AA has a role to play in male fertility. Why? Because D-AA levels are quite less in infertile men than the fertile men. 

This finding is backed up by studies that show that D-AA supplements might increase testosterone levels.  Testosterone is the important male sex hormone directly impacting male fertility. Another study in infertile men suggests that consuming 2.7 grams of D-AA consistently for 3 months found an increase in testosterone levels by 30-60% while sperm count and motility showed a difference by 60-100%.

Interestingly, there was an increase in the number of pregnancies in those people who took D-AA supplements. A study over healthy men who took 3 grams of D-AA supplements daily for 2 weeks found an increase in their testosterone levels by 42%.

Though we don’t have dependable evidence because healthy athletes or strength-trained people couldn’t find a huge difference. Also, they found that people who took high D-AA doses even affected them negatively. 

So, according to the current evidence, we can say that D-AA supplements improved fertility in low-fertile men while it didn’t make much difference to healthy people.

We still need more research for analyzing its long-term risks(if any) and benefits of D-AA supplements in humans.

How to improve sperm count naturally

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15. Vitamin C Rich Diet

You must have heard about Vitamin C being a booster for the immune system. There is evidence that antioxidants like Vitamin C help improve fertility in males.

There might be some possibilities of oxidative stress. It usually happens when the reactive oxygen species(ROS) peak up to harmful levels in our bodies. 

Very frankly, it takes place when your body’s antioxidant defense weakens due to disease, old age, environmental pollutants, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Well ROS is something we can’t control as these are produced naturally in our body while their levels are constantly under supervision. Having high ROS levels can lead to tissue injury or some inflammation which might boost up your chances of chronic disease.

Also, there is evidence which links very high levels of ROS and oxidative stress with infertility in men.

Whereas, you can use enough antioxidants like vitamin C as a savior to counter the harmful effects. There is also some evidence which states that semen quality can also be improved by vitamin C supplements.

As a matter of fact, a study over infertile men shows that the ones who took 1,000-mg vitamin C supplements experienced a boost in their sperm quality. They took these supplements twice a day for 2 months every day and found their sperm motility increased by 92% and count by more than 100%. It also helps decrease the sperm cell deformation by 55%.

Another study over Indian industrial workers concludes that it can also protect against DNA damage which might be the consequence of ROS. For this, they took 1000 mg of vitamin C supplements for 3 months(five times every week).

In simple words, Vitamin C supplements are very effective in improving sperm quality in terms of motility and count; also reducing the number of deformed sperm cells. Vitamin C can prove to be very fruitful for infertile people facing oxidative stress.

Though, more studies and research is needed for this specific area before coming to a conclusion.

Vitamin c

16. Tribulus Terrestris Might Help

A medicinal herb, puncture vine(popularly known as Tribulus Terrestris) is commonly taken in use to improve fertility in men.  

A study over infertile men or the ones with low sperm count shows that it can effectively improve your sperm health. Taking just 6 grams of Tribulus root twice a day consistently for 2 months helps you improve your erectile function and libido.

Though consuming Tribulus Terrestris isn’t directly in association with increasing testosterone levels; but according to research, it has the ability to raise libido-promoting testosterone effects.

We still need more evident studies and research to confirm these effects and any long-term benefits and risks associated with them.

Tribulus Terrestris

17. Taking Maca Root

Maca Root is something that can improve your libido, fertility, and sexual performance too. Maca root, originally a plant food, started coming from Peru originally.
For decades, it is taken into use extensively as it can improve fertility and libido in men. Studies show that men who took 1.5-3 grams of special dry maca root just even for about 3 months experienced great improvements. 

Also, according to research, maca root can effectively enhance sexual performance. Just 2.4 grams of dried maca root regularly for 12 weeks improved the condition of men with erectile dysfunction.

Along with erectile dysfunction and sexual well-being, taking just 1.75 grams of the same for 3 months can help with increasing the sperm count and motility in the normal men population.

All these conclusions are confirmed by the studies and researchers partially; still, there is a need to consider more studies before coming to a conclusion due to weak evidence.

According to the reviews and reports of the consumers, it doesn’t have any effect on the hormone levels. The ones who were taking around 1.5-3 grams of maca root every day consistently for 3 months, didn’t show any changes or effects on reproductive hormones in healthy people.   

maca root

Final Takeaway 

Infertility isn’t a rare thing and many people suffer from it. And as is the case with almost everything, you need to be healthy and fit overall.

The above-given tips are there to help you and improve your condition if facing any. These are the general key components you need to focus on improving yourself. 

Though these tips don’t guarantee, they can improve your condition for sure if it is due to these deficiencies. The above tips have proven their worth in the studies and various researches for improving sperm quality; also helping you improve your immunity and fighting most of the diseases.

Listed lifestyle changes like having a regular exercise routine and good sleep, avoiding intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco, bad drugs can serve a lot. You can get rid of most over-the-counter prescriptions by following these tips. 

Reducing trans fatty acids consumption and intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D can essentially help you improve your sperm count.

I hope we are able to solve your query about how to increase sperm count naturally? 

Do you want to get rid of most of the health problems?

Follow a healthy, properly balanced diet including fruits and vegetables; have regular exercise sessions for increasing your sperm count.

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