Flea Pills for Dogs: Best Flea and Tick Pills

You must have heard about the flea circus from your grandfather right? Those are cute, but fleas on your dog are surely not. If your dog is facing it, or you feeling like your house is now having a large number of fleas, some action is required for sure.

In your life, you might have come across people who own a dog and talking about flea pills for dogs, if not then you just have read it now :). Having fleas on the dog is not new and the species are facing it from existence. Flea pills are proven to be very effective for getting rid of these fleas on your dog.

And, due to the advancements in technology, we have greater options available now than ever before. We have taken up several criteria making it easy for you to choose the right flea pills for your dog. 

What are flea pills?

Flea pills, as the name suggests are a type of oral insecticide which helps in treating, controlling, and eventually preventing flea infestations in dogs. There is a large number of flea pills available in the market commonly suggested by veterinarians. Every kind of flea pill has a different chemical ingredient that controls fleas in its own way. 

While some flea pills target the adult fleas, some curb the flea’s ability to produce or lay eggs, and others go on with killing the larvae. It is crucial to know the effects of the flea pill you are using; so it is very mandatory for you to read the label and take your veterinarian’s advice. Different flea pills target the flea life cycle at different stages.

Obviously, there is no flea pill that fits all dogs. The flea pill which fits your dog’s condition best depends upon the situation. If your dog is facing flea allergy dermatitis, then going for a fast-acting flea adulticide will suit them best. While if you are just looking for some oral monthly precautionary pill, then a fast-acting flea pill might not help you. Why? Because it is present in your dog’s body just for few days and you might again feel the need to get it.

Should I Consult a Veterinarian to Get Flea Pills?

Talking about flea control, the measures for the same have been continually changing over time. The flea dust you might be thinking of from your local store has become quite obsolete now; there are a lot more high-quality techniques available today. Also, trying every flea control method, or reading about them isn’t a very feasible idea right?

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this struggle. Your nearby veterinarian will be able to guide you about the method best for your dog. Also, your veterinarian is the one who knows all about that method and will take into consideration any potential side effects. He is the one who clearly understands the interaction between the flea pills and other preventatives or prescriptions. He can also let you know about any certain predispositions to adverse effects specifically for that breed. You get to know about any kind of relevant medical history about your dog.

Fleas have now become a nationwide problem, whereas some fleas have become resistant to certain insecticides. So it is very important for your to visit your veterinarian for possibly the best pill and cure for your dog; especially the pills which are effective against the strong and resistant flea society.

Very frankly, many of these flea pills are available and you can order them online or from a pet store. But, you might need a prescription from a certified veterinarian for ordering some of them. Medicating your dog by yourself is very risky and in some cases, you might end up paying more money and time. Having a veterinarian by your side is always a plus point, who will help you in making sound decisions for your dog’s comfort and good health.

flea pills for dogs

Flea Pills for Dogs vs. Topical Applications and Collars

Talking about flea preventive measures pills is just one category as an option. We also have topical applications, flea shampoos, flea collars, and environmental insecticides to help our dogs with flea issues. 

The choice of using an oral flea cure is all upon you and your veterinarian. One of the important factors in the decision-making is flea resistance to specific medications according to past trends. These resistances can play a vital role in terms of safety and experience regarding flea collars and topical applicants. Factors like your dog’s age, pre-existing medical conditions, and pregnancy situation can also guide you towards the right flea product for the patient dog. 

Your veterinarian can recommend a fast-acting flea pill straight away for issues like flea allergy dermatitis. This pill helps to kill the fleas in just a few hours while being a part of your dog’s treatment plan. You can also be asked to have a fast-acting flea pill preventative for removing any symptoms; or Capstar, an over-the-counter flea pill can also help your dog with fighting fleas along with monthly preventative.

Types of Flea Pills for Dogs

The most effective chemical compounds working against fleas according to Merck Veterinary Manual are:

  • Nitenpyram(Brand names include CapStar)
  • Afoxolaner(Brand name NexGard)
  • Spinosad(Brand name Comfortis)
  • Fluralaner(Brand name Bravecto)

Most of these compounds are commonly known by their brand names. It is very vital to understand the active ingredients in your research that prevent fleas and ticks. Though not every ingredient protects against ticks.

Future Flea Prevention

Well, there is a piece of good news. These fleas are preventable if you are ready to put in the effort. If you have agreed for using flea pills, you need to be ready to follow the additional steps as said by your veterinarian. As is the common case with almost every flea infestation treatment, you need to treat your home and yard for the fleas too. Also, if you have any other pets in your home, you need to treat them; and be on the top of your flea and tick preventative effectiveness schedule.    

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