Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth?

Does sex affect muscle growth? You must have thought this right? Because honestly, I do!  Almost everybody who is in fitness thinks if regular bedtime would affect his gains and muscle mass. Nobody wants to affect their progress and I have seen people sacrificing their bedtime for the same.

Well, it is very true that there is a strong interlinking between sex and bodybuilding. But it is very important for you to understand the connection properly. We hope to give you all the answers to if sex affects muscle growth or not.

Does Sex Affect Muscle Growth

We will be focusing on each factor one by one to conclude if sex affects muscle growth or not.

Sex Affects Zinc Levels

Zinc level is one of the most important factors affected by sex which has a lot of input in muscle building. It is one of the constituents present in semen and also responsible for the growth and development of sperm. Released with orgasm, infertility is a common consequence if Zinc levels fall very short.

Whereas zinc also has a close link with testosterone levels while testosterone playing a key role in muscle strength. Low zinc levels are in direct proportion to low sex drive complementary with a difficulty to gain lean muscle mass.

When losing zinc is so easy through orgasm, you need to replenish it through your diet or you will possibly face the consequences. For you to avoid this, you need to maintain a healthy diet for better workout performance.

You can also go for foods high in zinc like wheat germ, pine nuts, shellfish, oysters, pecan nuts, cashews, and liver.

Sex Affects Strength Levels

The next common myth is that sex lowers muscle strength. It is very common that after orgasm, men feel relaxed and want to fall asleep.

The reason being that sex induces the release of a very high amount of oxytocin which leads you to feel a bit weaker and relaxed. Though this doesn’t last for a longer time, you should avoid involving in strenuous physical activities for 3-4 hours. After a span of 3-4 hours, you will be back to your normal hormone levels and will regain your strength.

Sex Increases Testosterone

effect of sex on testosterone

The next very important factor we are gonna talk about is the testosterone levels. Having regular sex impacts testosterone and libido levels in a positive way. It is a common study that the men who involve frequently in sexual activities have better libido levels.

Also, if somehow they take a longer break than usual, the libido levels will initially increase and will start dropping down if the previous release levels are not met.

According to research, an increase in testosterone levels impact libido levels positively. Your interest in sex will also be on an increase in accordance with the testosterone levels. Your cycle will be set on maintenance while the act of sex being the positive reinforcement.

As testosterone levels being one of the primary contributors in muscle growth and development, high levels help you gain better muscle mass and strength. This means having regular sex impact your muscle growth positively.

This is a very obvious thing that you also need to be putting good work in your gym; along with maintaining a good testosterone-inducing diet.

Sex Effects On Focus

Sex has its effects also on your ability to focus. Having a clear focus in the gym and also while outside the gym will play a vital role in your muscle-building results. Many times, people get too involved in sex in their daily life that they miss their workout sessions; which has its own repercussions on muscles.

Well, this happens on a very extreme level and most people don’t face any issues maintaining a balance. But if you think your days are revolving around sex and you are even missing your workout, you need to consider this seriously.

Again, as is the case with most people that they work out to look more strong and sexually appealing to the opposite gender. Of course, the one who is doing his workouts very passionately won’t miss his sessions easily and will have more chances of regular intercourse.

Sex for fat loss

Effect Of Sex On Overall Energy Levels

As we all know, sex or masturbation are both physical activities. But there is not much energy used up in this, (probably around 250 cals). According to this, we can say that there is not a big loss of your energy reserves.

But, these sexual activities might also be the reason for improper sleep as most people indulge in these activities during the late hours. Which, in turn, might have a big toll on your energies and athletic endurance.

So we can say that sex, in itself, might not affect you much but there could be other factors like sleep that might affect you.

Sex Helps In Losing Fat

Sex is a very divine act and if done right for longer periods of time(30-90 mins) involving the foreplay and proper romance, it is no less than cardio. It works your mind, muscle, blood, and nervous system. So when you are too much concentrated on sex and your reproductive tissues and cells are working extensively, you tend to burn a lot of calories.

Does Releasing Sperm Affect Muscle Growth

No, releasing sperms does not really have a negative effect on muscle growth or your athletic performance. Indulging in sexual activities or masturbation does lead to semen release which causes loss of testosterone and protein. While these two being vital components for growth, their loss in ejaculation isn’t much that it can really have an impact on your health.

Sex Before Workout

Having sex before your workout sessions isn’t a very much recommended practice. When you do engage in sex before your training, it might make it difficult for you to exercise at your full potential.

This is because, sex releases endorphins and the human body naturally get into a more relaxed state. Many people feel sleepy after their sexual activity. Therefore, it’s not advisable to engage in sexual activity before your workouts.

Sex Helps In Releasing Stress

Well, this is quite intuitive. No?

Stress can be a possible hurdle for your muscles to repairing properly and making efficient muscle gain progress. This is due to the fact that when your stress levels are high, the cortisol hormone floods through your veins. This in turn, negatively affects the growth and recovery of your muscle mass.

And as we know, sex is the most effective natural stress reliever humans have. When you do sexual intercourse in balance, it can serve you with limitless benefits. It helps your mind to not give the stress elements too much priority and keeps you focused on achieving better results.

Does releasing sperm affect muscle growth

Sex After Workout

Having sex shortly after your workouts also isn’t a very nice idea. This is due to the fact that you have worked hard in your gym and did expend all your energy there. So you might not be able to have a very pleasant experience.

Also,  it’s the testosterone that our body produces either we do our workout or indulge in sex. After your workout, your body needs rest and if you push yourself hard for another high energy-consuming activity like sex, you might feel weak, tired or you might even faint.

Effects on Endurance

There was a study conducted in 1995 to measure the possible impacts of sexual intercourse. The researchers analyzed aerobic performance using cyclo-ergometry. The conclusion came out that indulging in sexual activity or masturbation doesn’t have a negative impact if there is a gap of a minimum of 10 hours between the workout. Though you might face minor complications if the difference is less than 2 hours between your orgasm and physical activity.

Performance Failure

The latest study that tested if sex has any potential impact on physical performance was published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness on 31 October 2018. There were two kinds of young married men, ones who had no sex for the last 5 days and the ones who had sex in the evening itself before the physical tests. Read Study

All capacities like grip strength, anaerobic power, balance, maximal oxygen uptake, and reaction time were measured. The outcome said that sex had no bad impact on anyone.

This concludes that sex or masturbation doesn’t really have any negative impact on physical performance.

Psychological Effects Of Sex

Well, analyzing or judging human psychology isn’t as easy as a walk in the nature park. Many people do report that they feel anxious and stressed from sexual activities. Again, there is nothing in this world that suits everyone.

Though, sex actually makes you feel more relaxed and sleepy after you’re done. Many people think of sex as a taboo that can affect their athletic performance, while others treat it to be very normal.

Considering the studies and researches around the same, we can say that sexual activity does not affect your physical performance in general; provided you are taking care of your nutrition, sleep cycle, hydration levels, and well-being.

Does NightFall Affect Muscle Growth?

No, Nightfall doesn’t affect muscle growth or negatively impact your athletic performance. Nightfall is just another way out for you to have an orgasm (involuntary) which involves the release of semen with testosterone and protein. It won’t affect much as we have discussed all the important factors above for sexual intercourse and masturbation.

Final Takeaway

So we are very clear with the idea of sex impacting our bodybuilding performance. And you know the secret? The surprise is that the ones who work out regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle have very reduced chances of facing any issues like this.

Problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction don’t bother much to healthy people.  In simple words, sex doesn’t affect muscle growth negatively. So there is not a very big issue to worry about these if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You just need to maintain the balance.

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