Do Diapers Expire? How long do diapers last?

This is a bit silly question asking but have you ever thought like seriously- Do diapers expire?

This question comes into place when like you bought enough and according to your daily consumption you will be left with many unopened. Or when you had a baby, from that time you have some leftovers and want to give them to your relatives or friends.

Obviously, for every legit reason, if you have unused diapers, why not give them to somebody who needs them.

In simple words. You can, why? The simple answer, that they don’t expire.

Do diapers have expiration dates?

Well, the baby formula used in the diapers or the baby wipes, has an expiration date. The moisture in the baby products can easily be lost after some time. But, for very obvious reasons, sometimes pediatrician get dumbfounded by this question.

Again, not everybody thinks about it. And on the web, there are not many authentic details available.

But now, you don’t need to depend on the random guesswork, for we contacted the two diaper giants (Huggies and Pampers); and according to them, there is no expiration date for the diapers. And the fun fact is that this statement applies to both open and unopened diapers.

So, if you are having old unused diapers with you, feel free to gift them to needy friends, relatives or even donate them to the NGOs. 

Diapers being a paper product, they can be used for very long periods of time, but the manufacturers do recommend to use them within the time period of 2 years after purchasing them.

Although, this isn’t any do or die rule, but there are certain things you should have in mind about the older diapers.

diapers lasting

Time Effects on Diapers

Along with time, there can be changes possibly in color, absorption, and elasticity properties in diapers older than 2 years. It’s not a dangerous sign if they got somewhat discolored, loose, or lose their absorbing qualities; you just need to have some extra protection for the diaper might not work properly.

  • Colour Effects

Older diapers commonly lose their bright white color and might appear in faded yellowish color. This color fadeness is common as you can notice that in some of your old books also. This happens in paper products because of long exposure to light and air.

Although, these diapers might look yellow and much older, but they are very safe to use. But, obviously, you can’t give the yellow ones to anybody.

  • Loss of Adhesiveness and Elasticity

Plus, the time might take a toll on the diaper’s elasticity and the loosened elastic might cause leaks. Also, the adhesive tape that keeps the diapers in place has a big chance of breaking. The most irritative thing you might not want is the diaper slipping off all thanks to weak adhesion.

  • Low Absorption

The long time might also defeat the whole purpose of using diapers. It might lead the diapers to lose their absorption properties which can eventually cause leaks. 

So, if you are trying with an old pack of diapers and experiencing frequent leaks; just go for a new pack and stay from the issues. The new pack will keep the baby’s bottom dry easily and will prevent any chance of rashes caused by the diapers.

Do Eco-friendly Diapers Expire?

Since many disposable diapers are made from many chemical compounds, you would like to go for the natural diapers. The natural diapers are the ones made especially from the plant materials- such as the ones produced by The Honest Company.

The eco-friendly, hypoallergenic diapers that come from The Honest Company also don’t have any expiration date. Their customer care representative also told that these eco-friendly diapers too can lose their properties after a good amount of time. 

how long do diapers last

How to store Diapers?

Now, if you have got high amounts of diapers, the issue is to store them without them losing their effectiveness. So it’s vital for you to know the right ways of storing diapers.

Pampers, the diapers giant, states that one should keep diapers in “areas away from extreme temperatures and humidity”. The brand recommends keeping the diapers in cold storage locations(temperatures 29.4°C or less). High temperatures or heat can cause the adhesive tapes on eco friendly or the normal diapers to expire or melt; eventually getting loose.

Again, if you have got those extra diapers, let them stay in the box for the plastic will prevent their direct exposure to light or air. This also delays the yellowness that comes on the diapers.

Final Takeaway

Well, honestly, the diapers are costly in themselves; so the best thing that might have helped you is that there is no expiration date.

Again, diapers don’t expire but they can eventually lose their effective properties with time. So keep a close look at how the diapers perform, like if they are leaking very often, then it’s the time for you to go for the new ones.

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