Can you get pregnant from precum while on your period?

How likely is it to get pregnant from precum while ovulating.

Pregnancy Possibility from Precum

Before actually ejaculating the semen, men release a transparent fluid commonly known as pre-cum or pre-ejaculation; semen is the fluid that actually contains the living sperms. There is a misconception that pre-cum doesn’t contain any of the sperm; so they won’t get pregnant from precum, which is false. 

There’s just too much wrong information around this topic; though the simple answer to the question(Can you get pregnant from pre-cum) is Yes. Yes, you can get pregnant from the pre-cum. Read along to know the full concept. 

Does precum contain sperm?

If you think that precum doesn’t contain any sperm? Then you are right.

Pre-cum doesn’t have any sperm on its own. But there are very high chances for the sperm to leak from semen and mix with pre-cum.

Pre-cum is a natural lubricant produced by the body’s gland in the penis. Semen that contains sperm sometimes lingers in the urethral tube after ejaculation. It then mixes with the pre-cum when it comes out the same way.

There was a study in 2016 that actually found the presence of sperm in pre-cum of around 17 percent of the total participants.

A different study in 2011 found the same result in more than 35 percent of their participants(27 men).

Maintaining a regular flow of water and peeing helps to clear the path and throw any semen that was left. This altogether reduces the odds of sperms being present in the pre-cum.

pregnant from precum

When does pre-cum occur?

Pre-cum occurs right before the climax or what we call ejaculation, in scientific terms. It’s an involuntary fluid release from the body that you have no control upon. This is one of the reasons the withdrawal method doesn’t perform well enough for avoiding the conception of a baby as compared to other pregnancy control methods(condoms or pills).

The reason is even if you try pulling out just before ejaculation, it is very easy for the pre-cum to enter a women’s vagina. Again, due to some quantity of living sperms present in the pre-cum, it can lead to unwanted pregnancy. 

A study in 2008 states, out of the total couples who practice the withdrawal methods; 18 percent or more got pregnant in that year. 

National Health Statistics Report 2013 shares that around 60 percent of women residing in the United States use the birth control option rather than going for the withdrawal method.   

According to the Feminist Women’s Health Center, the withdrawal or the pulling out method is effective for about 73 percent of people to avoid conception. 

Can you get pregnant from precum without ovulating?

Well, in simple words, Yes, you can get pregnant from precum without ovulating. 

Though there are very high chances for you to get pregnant during the ovulation period; sperms have the ability to live in the female’s body for a maximum of five days. This certainly means that if you got the sperms in your reproductive tract, the sperm can still fertilize the egg once the ovulation starts within its life period. 

Ovulation generally starts when you are in the middle of your menstrual cycle. This time is more or less just 14 days before your next period starts. The fact that sperm has a five-day life span even in the body of a female if you are regularly having sex for five days and also on the day you start ovulating(fertile window), there are very high chances for you getting pregnant.

People who face period issues have a hard time determining their own menstrual cycles and the time when they are fertile. 

Emergency Contraception Options(If pregnant from precum)

As discussed above, the withdrawal method isn’t much effective for preventing pregnancy. Still, many people do use it and make emergency contraception a helpful handy device. 

Emergency contraception has the ability to prevent pregnancy for as long as five days after involving in unprotected sex. Emergency contraception helps delay or prevent the ovulation period to take place. It stops the mature egg from getting released so that it gets fertilized. It is always a better option to use reliable protection that can stop pregnancy effectively. 

We have two types of EC present in the market available over-the-counter or through your special doctor.

Emergency IUD Contraception

The Intrauterine Device is Copper-T, as the name suggests, works as emergency contraception. As shared by Princeton University, the Copper-T IUD has the capability to lower the chance of you getting pregnant by more than 99 percent. These proofs make it highly effective as compared to normal hormonal EC pills.

You can get a doctor to insert Copper-T IUD within five days of your unprotected sex to stop you from conceiving. This Copper-T IUD can last for up to 12 years and can perform as very effective birth control.

Obviously, Copper-T IUD is better than EC pills in uncountable ways but the high price of Copper-T insertion in the body poses a great barrier. If you don’t have any insurance plan, it might cost you a minimum of $500 that can go all the way up to $1000 in the United States. Most of the insurance plans cover the use of Copper-T IUD mostly for free of cost or at a very minimalistic price.

When to Take a Home Pregnancy Test?

The withdrawal method comes out to be very effective many a time, but there’s always a risk of getting pregnant from the pre-cum. If you think that you might have attracted pregnancy, you are always free to go for that at-home pregnancy test to confirm yourselves.

Though many might think of going for an at-home test right away, doctors think differently. They recommend that you should wait till you miss your first period and take the test after it’s been a week since you missed a period.

Women who face period issues and don’t have the regular ones, you people should wait for up to three weeks after having unprotected sex.

doctor for pregnancy

When to see a doctor for pregnancy?

The at-home tests are almost accurate to the best but you should go to your doctor to confirm the results. Like, there could be chances that you tested too early or you are undergoing some medications that altered the results.

The doctor might take your blood test, a urine test, or sometimes both to come to a conclusion whether you are pregnant or not. If you come out to be pregnant, ask the doctor about the options available according to your physical health.

Final Takeaway

There are very fewer chances for you to get pregnant from the pre-cum, but still there are chances. The sperms can be there in your urethra and actually mix with your pre-cum prior to the ejaculation. 

According to an article written in 2009, the withdrawal method has a failure rate of around 14 to 24 percent. Going by the maths, it indicates you can get pregnant every five times you undergo sexual intercourse. If you are very serious about avoiding pregnancy, you should go for other reliable methods and can also keep emergency contraception at hand. 

If you got a positive pregnancy test or having any issues, go reach out to your doctor soon. The doctor might give you details about all the options available to you that include family planning, future birth control, and sometimes abortion.

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