Are Green Powders A Waste Of Money? Genuine Truth

We have a wide range of supplement industries providing us with every vitamin and nutrient that we want. These supplements aim to boost our immunity and health.

Then comes the green powders, which are famous for being a substitute for multiple vegetables. But the real question arises that are these green powders a waste of money.

No, Green Powders aren’t a waste of money. They provide you with good quality nutrition when you can’t get your natural food. They also help replenishing the missing elements in your nutrition.

Are they worth it? Can they take the place of natural veggies?

Let’s fight these questions one by one.

What Are Green Powders?

Green Powders are supplements derived from plants and vegetables. As the name suggests, they are a type of powder you can mix in your water, smoothies, or other drinks so that you can get your daily intake of veggies and nutrients.

Many people mix them in their soups, sprinkle them on salads and other eatables.

The main ingredients for green powders are spinach, kale, edible grass, leafy greens, and spirulina. They also contain berries, carrots, tomatoes, and mushrooms complimentary with digestive enzymes, extra fiber, natural sweeteners, and extracts.

Green powder brands claim to be very beneficial for our health. These benefits are improving our energy levels, boosting our body’s natural detoxification processes and organs, and many components helping to strengthen immunity.

The sole purpose of green powders is to provide you with the proper nutrition when you cannot get your veggies and fruits. They are also said to help you lose weight, avoiding chronic diseases, and much more.

How Are Green Powders Made?

The widespread common practice for making green powders is letting the ingredients dry and properly grinding them together. On the other hand, many brands first focus on extracting the plant’s juice(known as juicing) and then converting that into powder.

There are three different approaches for drying the ingredients:

  1. Freeze Drying – Freeze drying is one of the most expensive methods out of the three. It takes place in low temperatures, making the preservation of ingredients quality better than air or spray drying. This method focuses on extracting water out from ingredients in a frozen state.
  2. Air Drying – On the other hand, air-drying requires higher temperatures capable enough to decrease the potency of the food ingredients.
  3. Spray Drying – Like air drying, spray drying also uses oxygen pressure and high heat for drying the ingredients. This can destroy many of the nutrients and enzymes present in the elements.

So, most people prefer green powders, which are made from freeze-drying rather than any other method. Currently, you may also find that there is a lot of sprouting and fermenting of ingredients going on.

This helps remove the harmful unwanted elements from plants. It also helps to boost the rate of absorption for many beneficial elements and micronutrients.

Are green powders a waste of money

Are Green Powders A Waste Of Money

We all can agree that no amount of supplements can take the place of natural plant foods.

The best way to optimize your health is by adding several natural fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes to your daily diet.

When you consume these foods, you get all the nutrients and fiber directly into your body rather than the nutrient compounds after processing into supplements or green powders.

Though green powders can never replace a good diet, they are certainly a good alternative when you are low on time. You can have them while you are outside or traveling and don’t have access to natural food.

I would instead go for natural fruits and vegetables to spend my money on rather than these green powders while at home.

Also, most green powders cost an average of 50$ for a month, so you can try them if you want. It also depends upon your body if it absorbs the available nutrients from green powders.

Taking green powders as a primary source of nutrition won’t be a good idea, but you can always have them when you are running short on your food or when you are outside.

Green Powders aren’t a waste of money. They could be a perfect nutrition provider on a complimentary basis, providing you with missing nutrients that you might not be able to get from your diet.

Green Powder Benefits

We have heard so much about green powders. Let’s look at the benefits it has to offer.

  1. Better Gut: If you have probiotics and fiber contents in your green powder, it will do wonders for your gut health. It has the potential to optimize digestive processes, and more than 40 diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and depression can be avoided.
  2. Boost In Endurance: Having spirulina and sprouted grains can improve your endurance in your workouts or when you play sports.
  3. Lowers Inflammation: Green powder helps lower any kind of inflammation you might be facing and decreases the chances of diseases like cancer. Regular consumers experience less cell damage.
  4. Better Immunity: If components like wheatgrass and spirulina are present in your green powder, it will help improve your immunity. You won’t fall sick too often and will recover at a faster rate.
  5. More Energy: An element of green tea in your green powder supplement will provide you with more energy and stamina. You can replace your energy supplements with green powder.
  6. Boosts Weight Loss: Chlorophyll-like ingredients suppress our hunger and help in our weight loss journey. We don’t feel the need to eat more.
  7. Improves Hair, Skin, And Nails Health: Want to enjoy stronger nails, shinier skin, and even thicker hair? Take a green powder, which contains alfalfa content, as this provides vitamins A, C, and E. Hair loss is one of the symptoms of deficiency in these vitamins.
  8. Improved Sleep Quality: You can improve your sleep quality by taking green powders which have alpha-carotene compounds.
  9. Restricted Levels of Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Blood Sugar Levels: Fiber-containing supplements help balance out cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Do they have wheatgrass and spirulina? They also help in reducing cholesterol levels and benefit people suffering from diabetes.

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Why Would You Take Super Greens Powders?

As we saw above, there are several benefits offered by green powders that you can enjoy. If you are a healthy, nutrient-rich diet consumer, having super greens powder would prove to be a fruitful choice for yourself.

It can help improve your health in so many ways. The strength of your immune system increases, and your body’s ability to fight illnesses and infections also increases.

The presence of probiotics and digestive enzymes will help your digestive issues. They make you feel better and helps in the regularity of the gut.

I don’t think I need to tell you what can happen if you don’t have the proper nutrition. It can increase your chances of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, and much more.

Green powders have enzymes that help our body fight these diseases with strength while protecting the red blood cells.

Can green powders replace vegetables

Can Green Powders Replace Vegetables?

Yes, green powders can replace vegetables, but only when we talk about the nutrition aspects. If you are taking a good-quality green powder from a reputable brand, it’s a good-to-go situation.

But I will still suggest you go for the actual food because there is a reason green powders come under the supplements category, not the food one.(They are an additive)

Also, there are emotions attached to natural fruits and veggies. You might not be able to enjoy the green powder that you will have. But they do provide your body with the proper nutrition.

Tips For Using Green Powders The Right Way

You can anytime go and check that FDA doesn’t recommend combining multiple supplements. It even says that consuming too many supplements or substitutes might be dangerous for your body.

They ask you to only use the FDA-approved supplements for your safety. Here are specific guidelines from the FDA side so that you might not suffer:

  1. Most people go for the natural ones. But natural doesn’t indicate that it’s safe too.
  2. Always consult your doctor before incorporating any supplement into your diet. It might affect the medications that you might be on.
  3. It is also to check if there is any other specific condition that might worsen because of the supplements used.
  4. Don’t trust claims like “this product is pure,” “this product is totally safe,” “no side effects,” or “works better than a prescription drug.”
  5. Always check that the supplement you are thinking of starting is of high quality and tested by third-party labs.
  6. Check the details about those supplements on websites like FDA or NIH.

Always make an informed decision based on all the data and information available. Always be sure that your superfood supplement is healthy, in your budget, and should have a good balance of different nutritional components.

Final Takeaway

So, the final answer to the question Are Green Powders A Waste Of Money is No. The green powders are not a waste of money. They offer many health benefits, and it would be a great choice if you add them to your diet, provided it’s of good quality.

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