Can Creatine Cause Constipation

can creatine cause constipation and bloating

Whenever there is a discussion around supplements for improving physical performance, creatine monohydrate is the most popular. It comes across as a very safe option, but it might have some side effects. Does creatine actually cause constipation? While 5-8 grams of creatine per day gives good results, but it starts causing problems when the quantity … Read more

Do BCAAs Powder Expire? Can BCAAs Go Bad?

Do BCAAs Expire

Well, it’s a very common sight to have our supplements expire before we even fully utilize it. And surprisingly, Do BCAAs Expire? Can BCAAs go Bad? are the common questions we all struggle with. Personally, it was with me too. I was hitting my gym consistently for an year, experiencing good results, and then my … Read more

Does Creatine Affect Periods

Does creatine affect periods

Creatine is a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders, known for its ability to increase muscle mass and improve physical performance. However, there has been some speculation about its potential impact on female reproductive health, specifically in relation to menstrual cycles. The menstrual cycle is a complex process governed by various hormones, and any disruption … Read more

What Happens When You Stop Taking Creatine

What muscles does deadlift work

What happens when you stop taking creatine? Well, this is the question we all come across everyday. Almost every physically active individual or a sportsperson consumes creatine who likes to keep themselves fit. But, again, there are rumours, there are questions which we face in everyday life. This happened with me too when I started … Read more

Creatine and Dehydration : Does Creatine Cause Dehydration

Does Creatine Cause Dehydration

Hey hey, what’s up? Killing in the gym? I hope you are. Does creatine cause dehydration? Yes, this is the question faced by many and I’m sure interests you as well. To answer it simply creatine doesn’t cause dehydration. Creatine is just another naturally occurring amino acid in the human body. Athletes and physically active … Read more

BCAAs For Women: Is BCAA Good For Females?

BCAAs For Women

Many people believe that branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are only beneficial for males, but this is not the case. In fact, BCAAs are beneficial for both men and women and can help with a variety of health issues. Like, of course, BCAAs are just amino acids helping you build strength, improving your workout performance, … Read more

Do Squats Work Calves

Squats are fantastic for your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lower back, but are they suitable for your calves? Well, this is a common question that I’ve been asked many times. If you have ever wanted to know if squats work calves, then you’re in luck. In this article, we’re going to take a look at … Read more

What Muscles Do Planks Work


A plank is a full-body workout exercise that works almost all your muscles from head to toe. It’s not a very good situation when you see yourself in the plank pose, but it’s one of the most beneficial and straightforward exercises without any equipment requirements. At this moment, it is prevalent to think about what … Read more

What Muscles do Squats Work

Deep Squat

Going to gym and seeing people doing those heavy squats got your attention? I know, I have also been there. I always used to get intrigued what benefit does it do? But when I learn about the importance of those squats, I added squats to my daily workout routines. Let’s see what muscles do squats … Read more

Does Creatine Cause Diarrhea

Does creatine cause diarrhea

Before finding the relationship between creatine monohydrate and diarrhea, we first need to understand what diarrhea is. What Is Diarrhea? Diarrhea is a condition in which the intestine releases too much water and fluid. It can cause dehydration and weight loss due to not getting the right food for the body. Diarrhea can lead to … Read more